A bit of fun in the morning for you.
A little happiness for your friends.

What is Lovetree Alarm?

Lovetree Alarm is a social alarm for your Android phone. It not only helps the not-so-morning-persons in a fun and tricky way to get up, but also provides an opportunity to send your love to those you care about.

Never oversleep again!

The goblin is a fast little fellow...
And it's impossible to hit the snooze button accidentally.

When your alarm goes off the goblin starts shaking off the hearts from the Lovetree. How many can you save?

Feeling dizzy after waking up?

Clear your head by helping the cart getting through fields and villages.

After catching the goblin show the cart where the road goes (an optional mini-game).

Collect hearts from others and get more themes!

Want to send beer or kitties instead hearts? Not a problem.

You can trade the different items others sent you for fancy themes. Or you can purchase them for gold coins as well.
Your marketplace is updated with new themes regularly!

Customize your alarm!

So many options... See the full list here.

Set your favourite music as the wake-up track or the difficulty of the alarm. The harder the games are, the more bonus items you get!


Unlimited alarm presets
Set multiple recipients
Download new themes and send new items
Catch gnome and optional transport game
Choose from 4 difficulty levels
Vibration and silent mode settings
Customizable alarm sounds
Set your own wake up track
4 different recurrence types: daily, weekdays, specified days weekly, or once
Snooze ON/OFF switch, length and recurrence settings
Log all sent and received items
Ad free


Lovetree Alarm does not use your data in any way that is not strictly related to the basic operation of the app nor does it send any data to third party servers. The app only sends Lovetree Alarm items you choose to send to your friends using a secure connection to the Lovetree Alarm web server. Lovetree Alarm requests permissions for the following purposes:

Prevent phone from sleeping

To turn on the screen when an alarm is started and also to prevent the phone from going to sleep mode in the middle of a lengthy operation (like downloading a theme).

Disable keylock

To show the alarm screen with the goblin when an alarm is started even if the phone is locked. The phone will stay locked after the alarm is finished.

Control vibrator

To vibrate the phone during an alarm if it is configured in the settings.

Automatically start at boot

To reschedule alarms when the phone is turned on. According to the design of the Android system alarms need to be rescheduled on startup if the phone has been turned off.

Full internet access

To send items to friends and download themes from the server. The app does not generate network traffic without you knowing about it.

Read contact data

To be able to select recipients from your contact list.

Discover known accounts

A Google account is required for registration to be able to send items. This permission is used to display a list of available accounts to choose from.

Receive data from Internet

To receive immediate notifications when items are sent to you.

View network state

To check if the phone is connected to the internet. This is required by the module that shows ads.

Modify/delete USB storage contents

To read/save theme related files to the "external storage" part of the phone storage. Theme files and pictures of items are saved to the external storage - this allows Lovetree Alarm to occupy only a small amount of space from the limited internal storage.

Google Play billing service

To allow purchasing virtual currency ("Gold") that can be used to purchase themes.

Google Play license check

To check if Lovetree Alarm has been downloaded and purchased from the Play store and the current user is allowed to use the app (only used in the full version).